Repainting Your Interior Walls

Spring is coming, and with it, the impulse to refresh your home or surroundings. While you might like to take a vacation, there is another way to have lasting positive emotional results: paint the walls! Color has a psychological value which can create a lasting positive feeling. If you would like a new start, there is no easier way to get a whole new look than to change the color of your interior paint. It’s less costly than new furniture or blinds (although you can do that as well) it takes 1 or 2 days per room, and it adds to the value of your home (unlike new furniture which you take with you). You don’t have to follow the trends, it’s your home – make it your haven.

Use Color to Create Mood

A vision of what you would like to do might come to you in someone else’s house, where they have a beautiful room or a mood of the home that you can emulate. Inspiration might come from one decorative piece of art that you build your room around, such as a new painting, statue, vase, or lamp. It may be something more general: what mood do you want to create, and what color will support that mood? Light colors brighten and expand a room making it look bigger and the ceilings higher. Darker colors look elegant, sophisticated and create drams or intimacy. Cool colors create calm distance while warm colors are more lively and engaging.

Transform Your Boise Home the Easy Way

Whatever you want to transform your home into, interior paint is an easy way to achieve a new look or mood. Paint and home improvement stores have paint chip samples to take away and compare. Paint changes in sunlight and with overhead or under lighting. The samples can help you understand what paint to choose depending where you are painting. With a little imagination, or even software like photoshop, you can find a paint to match your dreams.

At JLS Painting, we are experts on interior paint. Show us what you are trying to create, whether paint samples, a painting or a friend’s living room – we will help you achieve your color goals, and make your  home your own corner of the world. We work all over the Treasure Valley: Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Star, Nampa, Caldwell and Kuna.

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