Commercial Painting

Does Your Business Need Painting Inside or Out?

Painting for businesses falls into two categories, new and existing. We paint new commercial buildings such as the CarMax facility on Fairview, shown in our samples below. We also paint existing businesses, on weekends or after hours – so we don’t disturb the business.  We have finished many commercial projects including churches, schools, gyms, retail stores and improvements on rental property.

We know your business is a large investment and we will plan and finish your job on time and on budget for the least disruption possible for your customers and tenants. Because of this, a great time to paint is while you are trying to fill empty property, it will make a big difference in showing the property and could help command higher rent. Fresh paint does wonders for an older location, and a new color scheme can brighten dingy walls, giving the place a new look and feel.

Professional Commercial Painting in the Treasure Valley

If you would like your business painted, anywhere in the Treasure Valley, give us a call for a free estimate. We specialize in honest quotes and complete updates on your job, every step of the way. If there are changes or problems, we will give you choices. We include pressure washing, trim and door masking and painting, or new trim installation. We work quickly and economically using the highest quality materials.

Painting the new CarMax location on Fairview:

CommercialA CommercialB CommercialC CommercialD CommercialE CommercialF CommercialG CommercialH CommercialI

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